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About Us

Our Passion is Beautiful Interiors that translate into "feelgood" liveable spaces

Transformation into Designer Hardwood Furniture & Home Decor

Vinostein is a Designer Hardwood Furniture and Home Décor manufacturer. We specialize in the production of contemporary furniture and home décor that stays up to date with current interior design trends. Our passion for hardwood textures, and also our firm belief in a waste-free future, gave us the idea to manufacture Hardwood Furniture from used wine barrels that would otherwise be used to make kitsch furniture limited by the curved staves, or become a planter in someone’s garden. Wine barrel oak is made from high-density quarter sawn prime French oak, the oak is further hardened by the winemaking process where its density is increased by natural sugars, tannins, and sulfate particles. We manufacture designs from our own designer and we also manufacture bespoke items specific to client design requirements. Hardwood Furniture and Home décor is our passion, furthermore, we believe that we can live out our passion for creation through sustainable methods. Hence our slogan; Fashion in Sustainability. Our hardwood furniture and home decor items are completely unrecognizable from their original barrel form. Our team of carpenters and designers had a single objective in mind and that was to create beautiful contemporary hardwood furniture and home décor all from reclaimed wine oak. This entailed engineering, crafting and testing processes, to develop sustainable eco-friendly methods that straighten our French oak staves in order to make cubic, straight-edged contemporary hardwood furniture, and home decor items that still retain the stains left by red wines from its previous life.

Jean and Charl

Minds behind the Vinostein Furniture & Home decor brand

Vinostein founders, Charl & Jean Marx-Ubbink have a background in Architecture and Structural Engineering. During a visit to the Cape Winelands in 2014, they discovered that just as the oak used in winemaking improves the wine, the wine also improves the oak.

They saw a potential in this "waste material" from the winemaking industry and decided that they would explore the option of turning these materials into Hardwood Furniture and Home Decor items.

First off, they realized that they would not be the only manufacturers of furniture from used wine barrels, they, however, didn't like the visible curvature of the wine barrels in other manufacturer's products. And decided to develop a method to straighten the curvatures whilst keeping the red wine stains intact. As wine lovers themselves, they wanted to celebrate their raw material's previous life by retaining these red stains.

In January 2015 in the garage of their home in Vanderbijlpark, they spent weeks building boxes and steam machines that would produce steam and heat utilizing renewable energy, they eventually succeeded and immediately started manufacturing the straight-edged contemporary Hardwood Furniture and Decor they had dreamed of making.

Sustainable production of reclaimed Hardwood Furniture and Home Decor

Much too often, the production of Hardwood Furniture and Home Décor from reclaimed wood ends up being an expensive process that entails more labor and machining than that of fresh materials. In doing this, the usage of reclaimed materials becomes a practice that has an even more detrimental environmental effect than deforestation.
Vinostein Hardwood Furniture and Home décor started because of our passion for wine, however, our love for mother earth is even greater. This is why our main objective was to reclaim timber and develop our processes in such a way that we do not cause further harm to the environment.
We, therefore, employ non-wasteful production practices in our factory. This, in turn, produces products that our customers can buy knowing that no forests were harmed during material harvesting and also we do not use excessive amounts of non-renewable energy in the production of our Hardwood Furniture and Décor items.

Sustainable Furniture Design

“White glove delivery service”

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